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Time and Motion – Redefining working life at FACT

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Time and Motion – Redefining working life at FACT

“Time & Motion uses artworks, research projects, archival materials and interventions to track our journey through the world of work, from clocking on at the factory gates to checking in online from our home office.”

If you are in the Liverpool area you should drop-in, closes 9 March 2014. It’s free.

These were my highlights:

This that I missed via the Guardian – Programmer outsources his own job

Video installation on the human value of £1

Magical but distrubing strobbing illusion of a man’s reality in dream-time

A view of the production line via the making of a product with no useful purpose

Yellow card non-existence at google

Labours of Love, a necessary but a depressing reminder of all that I loathe about the sex and the connected world

I also took in a bit of street art in the area. That cheered me up