ThinkingCX is an unusual and interesting business. Founder, Sandra Dartnell loves ideas, behaviour and design.  She believe that by exploring more you will arrive at better answers.  And that the place to start is exploring the needs of people. Her enterprise, ThinkingCX is here to help  organisations who want to do great things, through innovative brand, product and service development.

As a strategist, business advisor and brand consultant, she believes that organisations and businesses - big and small - can and should benefit from value-to- customer focused creative thought.

Things are better when you create in support of people, possibilities and progress.
The standards that ThinkingCX measure our own behaviour and performance by are: Clear. Human. Remarkable.

For over 12 years (1999-2012) Sandra worked in design management, running sophisticated design and communication projects, as a producer, at leading interactive and graphic design agencies. With her teams she created digital exhibitions, marketing show suites, retail experiences, brands, rebrands, games, and engaging stories and characters for clients including Science Museum Group, Heron International,  Vodafone, Snog, UPS and V&A.  It's where  she learned to be strategic, practical and always centred on the end user.  She has always been imaginative and creative, since 1976.

Sandra has an outstanding ability to understand a client’s deliverable and brand assets better than the client him/herself.
— Piero Frescobaldi, Chairman, cofounder at UNIT9 (2011)
Sometimes Sandra tells you what you’d rather not hear, in this respect she is highly responsible and excellent at helping the team (especially an MD) manage risk and expectations.
— Niall Henry, Founder & Managing Director ico (2013)

In 2013 Sandra set up business consultancy Make Design Happen to provide project direction consultancy to the managing directors of design and development agencies. The consultancy saw her take on a strategic role, in particular looking at focus and how the key point of value could be communicated. She became a bolt-on 'value' strategist and her design and development agency clients remain more than happy with the results of working with her to bring strategic thinking and collaborative workshops directly to their clients. ThinkingCX was established to take forward Sandra's vision and network of associates, to a wider client base, as a strategic consultancy package focused on problem solving in situations of brand, product and service innovation. 

Sandra is embedded in the creatives industries and passionate about creative communities and placemaking. Sandra makes a point of actively applying her skills to public good projects by working with CICs, not-for-profit organisations, local authorities and town councils to help communicate value and bring greater access and positive impact to the people they serve. Sandra is a trustee at Make Liverpool.

I don’t always fly kites. My business helps other organisations and businesses understand how they can create value. It reinforces how important clear, joined-up customer experience is to success.
— Sandra Dartnell, ThinkingCX

What makes Sandra tick?

There's no point in doing it, if you aren't enjoying it.

Sharing and learning is part of developing a person and a business.

An approach to business that uses empathy and insight to create and communicate value.