What we do

_Act as an innovative business advisor.
_Bring new ideas, clarity and focus.
_Help you take action.
_Create your competitive edge.

We are a strategic consultancy.  We examine customer experience and help to create and communicate value.  We provide strategic business consultancy, directly to directors. We are diligent, smart and passionate. We are here to help you benefit practically from value-focused creative thought.

The core proposition of ThinkingCX is independent, value-focused strategy, that is sector considered and customer experience (CX) driven.

How we do it

We offer flexible consultancy specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers. Nothing is generic. We are great at problem solving  and the best time to call on ThinkingCX is in situations of brand, product and service development. You might also call on ThinkingCX  at times of change - for example mergers, or when a particular problem has your team feeling unable to innovate internally or in need of an independent external perspective. 

All activity is designed to help people identify problems and opportunities. We help people use value-focused creative thinking to improve their individual and team approach to creating competitive business strategy. We do this by placing value to people at the centre of decision making.

ThinkingCX can work flexibly with your business to create strategies to:

Manage change • Plan for growth • Increase sales to existing customers • Attract new customers • Improve your products and services • Develop new products and services.

Our strategic business consultancy is focused on the areas of value proposition, customer experience and audience engagement. This can be summed up in an approach that we call NBA - Needs. Benefits. Actions. In practical terms that means working together to review and improve existing business models and customer models, in order to plan, name and activate new products and experiences - from a user-value perspective. We help you to understand what you have of value to offer people and how you might go about offering it in new and exciting ways.

Why we do it

Exploring problems and opportunities from a CX perspective is business critical. It is also refreshing for founders, directors and teams. It brings ideas, clarity and focus into environments that can find themselves held back from progress by being contained and single-minded, or overly distracted. All ThinkingCX activity is designed to help people identify problems and opportunities, and to help people use value-focused creative thinking to improve their individual and team approach to competitive business strategy. Whether your business is established or new, the goal is to create engaging, innovative business strategies, brands, products and services that are joined up and focused on meeting the needs of people. In short to create  business strategies, brands, products and services of value.   


Working with ThinkingCX will put customer needs and benefits at the center of decision making. Outcome strategies will retain all the valuable business perspectives that the founders, directors and team bring, with added ThinkingCX specialisms of Problem & Opportunity Mapping, Design Thinking , Brand Strategy and Experience Design.  Outcome strategies will be both creative and practical and support the creation of greater opportunity and competitive advantage: to establish new markets; to create stronger ventures; to achieve clarity faster; to get a product or service to market sooner in the form of a MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

Manage change •Plan for growth • Increase sales to existing customers • Attract new customers • Improve your products and services • Develop new products and services.

What makes us different

_ThinkingCX understands the complete customer journey. 

_Thinking CX is specialist, well informed and agile, making our offering High value. Low commitment. for our customers.

_ThinkingCX is an outsider. We are focused on communicating your value, to the people who need to clearly understand it - your customers.

ThinkingCX is motivated by these questions: Who are your customers? What do those people need right now? And next? What impact does that have on your business model, core value proposition and business tactics? What can we do about that?  Because we care about making a difference, we only work with decision makers and we always start with a review of the business model from  a user-need perspective.
— Sandra Dartnell, ThinkingCX

What clients have to say

We brought ThinkingCX in to help advise on a complicated web application project. The platform was to be used across two quite different sets of users and we needed to establish some commonality so that we could standardise the development and work from a single code base. On top of that, we needed to establish a more detailed persona around the user groups to help with the visual identity and language of the platform. Sandra Dartnell’s work was vital in understanding these target audiences, their requirements, their expectations and how we could build a single platform that would service both sides of the business. Sandra’s approach is intelligent, organised, insightful and has great attention to detail. She’s fun to work with and is a benefit to any project.
— Lewis North, Director, Method & Class Ltd (2017)


Design Thinking is a system that uses the designer’s sensibility and methods to match people’s needs with what is technologically feasible and what a viable business can convert into consumer value and market opportunity.
— Tim Brown, IDEO, 2008 www.designthinking.ideo.com
Innovation is rarely the big idea. More likely a series of small ideas brought together in a new and different way.
— Dick Powell, Seymour Powell at D&T Futures, 2017 www.seymourpowell.com
The details are not the details. They make the product.
— Charles & Ray Eames, 1961 www.eamesoffice.com
Design in support of people.
— Living with Complexity, Donald A. Norman, 2011 www.nngroup.com
I guess I would say that interaction design is making technology fit people.
— David Kelley, 2004, Designing Interactions, Bill Moggridge, 2007
You are not looking for the wisdom of the crowd,
but the wisdom of someone in the crowd.
— Where Great Ideas Come From, Steven Johnson, 2010 www.stevenberlinjohnson.com