We help organisation create better experiences by working across the customer journey and as deep as business models and primary research.

All ThinkingCX activity is designed to help clients identify problems and opportunities and to help them to use creative thinking to improve individual and team approaches to creating better customer experiences. 

We do it together by placing value to people - your customers - at the centre of decision making.  We do this because we believe that by exploring more you will arrive at better answers.  And that the place to start is exploring the needs of people.  

We help you to understand what you have of value to offer people and how you might go about offering it in new and exciting ways. 

ThinkingCX specialisms are Problem & Opportunity Mapping, Design Thinking , Brand Strategy and Experience Design.  Outcome strategies will be both creative and practical and support the creation of greater opportunity and competitive advantage.



_Enhanced business models, brands, products and services

_Informed collaborative decision making and planning

_A structured focus for investment and efficiency

_Strategies and tactics that are people-first

Why we do it

Exploring problems and opportunities from a customer experience (CX) perspective is business critical. It is also refreshing for founders, directors and teams. It brings ideas, clarity and focus into environments that can find themselves held back from progress by being contained and single-minded, or overly distracted. All ThinkingCX activity is designed to help clients identify problems and opportunities, and to help people use value-to-customer focused creative thinking to improve individual and team approaches to customer experience. Whether your business is established or new, the goal is to create engaging, innovative business strategies, brands, products and services that are joined up and focused on meeting the needs of people. In short to create  business strategies, brands, products and services of value.   


“Design in support of people.”

— Living with Complexity, Donald A. Norman, 2011 www.nngroup.com

“Design Thinking is a system that uses the designer’s sensibility and methods to match people’s needs with what is technologically feasible and what a viable business can convert into consumer value and market opportunity.”

— Tim Brown, IDEO, 2008 www.designthinking.ideo.com

“Innovation is rarely the big idea. More likely a series of small ideas brought together in a new and different way.”

— Dick Powell, Seymour Powell at D&T Futures, 2017 www.seymourpowell.com

“The details are not the details. They make the product.”

— Charles & Ray Eames, 1961 www.eamesoffice.com

“I guess I would say that interaction design is making technology fit people.”

— David Kelley, 2004, Designing Interactions, Bill Moggridge, 2007

“You are not looking for the wisdom of the crowd, 
but the wisdom of someone in the crowd.”

— Where Great Ideas Come From, Steven Johnson, 2010 www.stevenberlinjohnson.com