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Contagious – a good book for anyone who has to conceive or evaluate ideas

I like the book Contagious: Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger@j1berger

It is a really accessible straight forward read with memorable examples. The storytelling format and argument shaped around six key points make the concepts easy to remember. Some of the points I have thought about before and might seem like common sense but I bet most people never think about them all at the same time. And a bit of researched evidence to back gut feeling is always a good thing. I had not thought about how powerful word-of-mouth is in day-to-day interactions – how much of a word-of-mouth waterfall I am – or reflected fully on my own motivations for passing things on. The key learning for me was probably the role triggers have to play. Reading that chapter made me think immediately of strong concepts that could have been more talked about with a little more thought about triggers. I think this is a really useful book for anyone who has to conceive or evaluate ideas.

I found out about the book via Fast Company where you can also currently read excerpts

Sandra Dartnell, ThinkingCX