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Straight forward writing about new browser technology

When I was reading around about new web standards and browser technology I found Web Lab by google. It’s part of an exhibition at the Science Museum, London that runs until July this year. The project is part of something called Chrome experiments which is a showcase of JavaScript experiments created by developers interested in exploring the potential of new browser technology.

Web Lab itself is both online and physical. Its aim is to bring the workings of the internet to life and to inspire everyone about the possibilities of the web. I recommend having a play with this set interactive collaborative experiences either within the museum or online. But don’t miss all the great writing that accompanies it. It provided me with the most straight-forward succinct explanations of new browser technology that I have found to date.

If you have heard of these – HTML5, Canvas, RTC, WebGL – and want to understand what they actually mean written in plain-English for the non developer this is the place to go browser technology

You can also get a really good overview of the project with videos showing how the computer science works behind the experiments on YouTube

And if you like messing around with music have a look at another favourite Chrome experiment Jam With Chrome  made by @ToolofNA @DinahmoeSTHML with beautiful graphics by artist and illustrator @RobJamesBailey. It uses Web Audio and Web Socket technologies which you’ll have already found out about above.

It’s all, of course, a great advert for Google Chrome and requires you to download the latest version of Chrome.