Strategic consultancy led by Sandra Dartnell. Always thinking and extremely useful in situations of brand, product and service innovation.

Exploring the needs of people

As ThinkingCX I provide Leadership and problem solving in situations of brand, product and service innovation. ThinkingCX is here to help your organisation benefit practically from Customer-centric creative thought.

By exploring more you will arrive at better answers.

The core proposition of ThinkingCX is independent, value-focused strategy, that is sector considered and customer experience (CX) driven.

Who I am

Sandra Dartnell

 I believe that organisations - big and small - can and should benefit from Creative strategy that is value-to-customer focused

I love ideas, behaviour and design and have my own approach to creative problem solving. 

Since 2013 I have been Helping commercial,  not-for-profit and local authority clients solve business and communication challenges by providing customer-focused services. Before that I worked in integrated design and brand management for over 12 years. I am embedded in the creatives industries and passionate about creative communities and placemaking.


What makes me different

ThinkingCX is motivated by these questions: Who are your customers? What do those people need right now? And next? What impact does that have on your business model, value proposition and business tactics? What can we do about that? Because I care about making a difference, I only work with decision makers and we always start with a review of the business model from a value-to-customer perspective.
— Sandra Dartnell, ThinkingCX

I focus on the gaps

_I am an outsider. A fresh pair of eyes.

_I understands the complete customer journey.  I look to join-up and better integrate.

_I am a specialist.  I'm focused on communicating your value, to the people who need to clearly understand it - your customers. 

My goal is a clear, joined-up customer experience.


What clients have to say

We brought ThinkingCX in to help advise on a complicated web application project. The platform was to be used across two quite different sets of users and we needed to establish some commonality so that we could standardise the development and work from a single code base. On top of that, we needed to establish a more detailed persona around the user groups to help with the visual identity and language of the platform. Sandra Dartnell’s work was vital in understanding these target audiences, their requirements, their expectations and how we could build a single platform that would service both sides of the business. Sandra’s approach is intelligent, organised, insightful and has great attention to detail. She’s fun to work with and is a benefit to any project.
— Lewis North, Director, Method & Class Ltd (2017)

What we can do together

All ThinkingCX activity is designed to help people identify problems and opportunities. My services and approach helps my clients to use value-to-customer focused creative thinking to Improve the individual and team approach to problem solving in situations of brand, product and service innovation. I do this by placing value to people at the centre of decision making, in order to plan, name and activate  brands, products, services and communities. 


Explore more

The best time to call on ThinkingCX is in situations of brand, product and service development. Ideally right at the inception of the process. You might also call on ThinkingCX  at times of change - for example mergers, Or when a particular problem has your team feeling unable to innovate internally and in need of an independent external perspective. I can work flexibly with your organisation to create strategies to address many common needs.

Get more from a budget •Manage change •Plan for growth • Increase engagement of existing customers • Attract new customers • Improve your products and services • Develop new products and services.

I can show you a new way forward by bringing ideas, clarity and focus to your challenge.