No.1 - ThinkingCX - South East Midlands - Meetup

The first ThinkingCX - South East Midlands - Meetup
Thursday, January 28, 2016

7:30 PM to 10:30 PM

Event No1. will help shape the agenda for future meetups. We will know who we are in person and what ideas and needs we have. We have a lovely relaxed venue - The Towcester Mill Brewery and the tone of the event will be light and inclusive.

The evening will kick off with a straight forward look at ourselves - what do we get up-to in the area of customer experience strategy, what are our Pains? what can we look to be the Gains of meeting up? Together we can shape that into ideas for what (if any) structure, format and planned content will benefit the group.

To start the conversation I’d like us to have a chat about puzzles, challenges, rewards, ranking, collecting. I have put together a single slide with a variety of examples of how organisations use gaming to promote, educate, engage, enhance, and detract from (or maybe just distract from) our lives. Take a look. You need only bring your own experiences and ideas to the conversation. There is no formal presentation. 

More about ThinkingCX - South East Midlands - Meetup

ThinkingCX - South East Midlands - Meetup is a group for straight-forward people interested in thinking about customer experience strategy.

The group brings together people with an interest in design thinking and audience centred thought. All levels of experience are welcome. It is not a networking event and it is not a sales forum. It's about people who have a shared interest in imagining, creating and improving products, services and experiences, coming together and leading the conversation. It a place to ask questions, talk about what you have achieved, and what you struggle with. The success of the group is good sharing of ideas, peer to peer support, and collaboration. It will be an informal event, in a pub location.

This Meetup will happen three times a year (Jan, May, Sept) in Towcester. The Towcester location is central to people across the South East Midlands including Kettering, Northampton, Bedford, Luton, Aylesbury, Milton Keynes, Bicester, Banbury and Daventry, as well as less than and hour from Corby, Rugby, St Neots and Oxford.

Let's meet up and start sharing experiences.

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ThinkingCX is organised and hosted by Sandra Dartnell trading as ThinkingCX.
The name ThinkingCX and brandmark is copyright of Sandra Dartnell.