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Audience workshop

ThinkingCX went to Bedford to talk about creative thinking and to let secondary school students have a go. We explored audience. We looked at the word and how it can be interpreted. We talked about how many different roles there (strategic and creative) in agencies and how much thought comes before design. We also talked about waking at 5 at a friend's with £5 for breakfast as a means to thinking about customer journey touchpoints in a way that was relevant to the audience. Take a look at photographs of students enjoying the audience workshop at Your Future Careers Fair in Bedfordshire.

The Your Future Careers Fairs are exciting and engaging events for young people aged 14-24 to get directly involved in shaping their future career. There are 250 Your Future Careers Fairs being delivered by Chambers of Commerce across England, with St Helens Chamber co-ordinating the project. St Helens Chamber secured funding for the Your Future Careers Fairs from the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) and are working with the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) to deliver this project.

Thinking CX was invited to attend by the Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce