A new, clear, challenge-based activity map was designed to provide 'Beginning to Read' aged children with a fun numeracy and literacy challenge.
    Street-painted 'blue paws' joined up the Trail, giving the set of artworks a recognisable identity regardless of their location around the town.
 Rewards were designed to encourage creativity and an understanding of the universal themes of the Trail, and to bring the public into the Town Council offices.
 The Trail was reframed as 'A free public trail of 22 artworks celebrating children's stories, for little people, with big imaginations, to explore.'
 Communication were place where families are...outside the family toilets, in the park.
 The Trail was given a Guardian to look after it, and to use Facebook to reach more of the community
 The Guardian directed more people to the Library to pick up maps, rewards and to share their own art card creations with a dedicated Trail wall.
 More inclusive messages
 More useful and imaginative rewards
 Videos made with the Trail's greatest fans to celebrate its first 5 years.
Leighton_Linslade_Childrens_Trail_ ThinkingCX_Video_shoot.JPG
Leighton_Linslade_Childrens_Trail_ ThinkingCX_Video_shoot2.JPG
 A one day video shoot briefed and managed by ThinkingCX achieved a 3 minute promotional video, 5 voxpop testimonials and 9 30 second mini promos. Working with Storm Videos and with 'the Trails greatest fans' as volunteers a very small budget was taken a long way.
    Vivien Cannon, Head of Economic and Cultural Development and Sandra Dartnell, ThinkingCX attended the Society of Local Council Clerks national practitioners conference to give a talk on 'The Value of Reimagining an Existing Asset' sharing good practice with peer councils and celebrating the approach taken to the Children's Trail as an example of making the most of a valued community asset and visitor attraction.   Take a look at the presentation
    Sandra was asked to follow up the conference presentation with a case study for the July edition of The Clerk Magazine, the official publication of the SLCC. It covered common problems with existing assets and common solutions for them.  Ultimately the presentation was shortlisted (one of three) by the SLCC in the category   Best Case Study at Residential or Regional Event   for recognition at the SLCC annual National Conference 2017.
     Common Problems with Existing Assets   _They don’t take new people into account.  _Created for a niche market, future potential or expansion of the audience isn’t considered.  _They’re not use-evaluated by people outside of the project.  _Created, and maintained until cost exceeds value.   Common Solutions for Existing Assets   _Reimagine it. Can you give more people more reason to use and love it?  _Test the experience and marketing on ‘novice’ audiences.  _Make sure it remains understood. Is the offering joined up to new people?  _Ask for ongoing feedback. Act on it.
     Process  Images show a record of how the ideas to improve the customer experience and reposition the Trail, based on different core values, were explored, developed and tested as part of the reimaginging of the Trail. 
 The prototype design was tested on age appropriate kids and their parents.  Key note from Evie. Explain “what you do, not what it is”
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